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crystal virgins, pop your cherry with our clueless about crystals starter kit. everything you need to start manifesting your new  best life. we even saged that shit for you. light up your palo santo, purify your energy, release all negativity, set new intentions & so it is

rose quartzthe ultimate stone of the heart, opens the heart chakra, restores confidence and releases repressed emotions

lapis lazuli - opens the third eye chakra, a universal symbol of wisdom and truth, powerful stone for spiritual growth and personal truth

smoky quartz - retune emotions, grounding stone, helps to make logical choices, enhances fertility, good for fatigue

amethyst - enhances intuition and meditation, helps to develop a deeper understanding of life, neutralizes negative energy, balances emotional highs and lows, promotes sleep and helps to break addictions 

kit includes:

  • one tumbled rose quartz 
  • one tumbled lapis lazuli 
  • one tumbled smoky quartz 
  • one tumbled amethyst 
  • guide to using your kit and beginning your journey 
  • smudging abalone shell  
  • one stick of palo santo 

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