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Rose of Jericho is a magical plant ally that resembles a brittle tumbleweed. Despite the unhealthy appearance, this resilient plant is alive and well. When water is scarce, the rose of Jericho curls inward into a tight root ball and seemingly dies. However, when exposed to water, this plant blooms up to 12 inches in diameter. This plant’s ability to regenerate after long periods of dormancy is the reason for its nickname, the resurrection plant.

Rose of Jericho is commonly used in rituals involving money, abundance, rebirth, revival, new ventures, and miracles. 

Awaken this plant by placing it inside of a shallow bowl of lukewarm rainwater, river water or moon water. When you wish to put rose of Jericho to rest, remove it from the water and allow it to dry completely before wrapping in a soft cloth.

Measures 5-6 inches.

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