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feeling lonely? the special formulation of rose quartz + opalite + herkimer amethyst + ruby = you becoming the love magnet you were meant to be. light up your palo santo, purify your energy, release all negativity, set new intentions & so it is

rose quartz - the ultimate stone of the heart, opens the heart chakra, restores confidence and releases repressed emotions

opalite - works with the crown chakra to stabilize mood swings 

herkimer amethyst - brings deep soul healing and attunes the third eye to open the mind to the possibility of love

ruby - protection from wounds of the heart, helps to release bad karma 

kit includes:

  • one rose quartz 
  • one tumbled opalite 
  • one herkimer amethyst
  • one ruby 
  • guide to using your kit and beginning your journey 
  • smudging abalone shell  
  • one stick of palo santo 



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