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The ultimate kit for manifesting balance and unity in your life. The combination of with Angelite, Agate Eyes and Zebra Stone will bring harmony to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being. light up your palo santo, purify your energy, release all negativity, set new intentions & so it is

Angelite - helps to see the best in someone or something. raise your vibration, face life without fear, connect to your angels 

Agate Eyes - comforting and protective, supports love and strength, stabilizing, stone of protection, rids of unwanted spirits, protection while traveling, helps cut addictions

Zebra Stone - helps with apathy and disinterest, grounding stone, remotivational toward goals, overcome anxiety and depression 

kit includes:

  • one angelite stone  
  • one agate eye 
  • one zebra stone  
  • guide to using your kit and beginning your journey 
  • smudging abalone shell  
  • one stick of palo santo 

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